Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support does ResNet provide?

ResNet provides assistance with a wide array of technology issues including virus and spyware removal, product installation, hardware troubleshooting/installation, and software support to all residence hall students free of charge. Unfortunately our services does not extend to off-campus students. If you are experiencing difficulty with your computer, please fill out this form, call us at (417)836-6100, or visit us in the basement of Hutchens House.

Is there wireless network access available in the residence halls?

While there is not complete wireless coverage on campus, each residence hall has at least one wireless hotspot. The hotspots are located in the following areas:

What are the different wireless networks on campus?

"MSU Residential" is for students who live in the resident halls. "MSU" is for students who live off-campus. "MSU Sponsored" is for approved guests of the University, such as companies and organizations that are visiting the University.

What devices can and cannot connect to our wireless networks?

Phones and tablets can connect to our wireless networks. Game consoles, such as the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PSP, PS3, PS4, and any Nintendo portables, and smart TVs do not support the encryption used in our wireless networks and connect to our wireless networks. However, devices such as game consoles and smart TVs can connect to our wired network.

How do I connect to the Internet wirelessly with my device?

To connect to any wireless network on campus you will need your BearPass user name and Bearpass password. Click here for more information.

How do the Ethernet jacks located in each of the residence hall rooms work?

There is an orange jack and a white jack on the wall. The orange jack is the network data port and the white jack is the telephone port. To activate the network port you will have to register yourself to the port by using our port registration system called ResReg. Click here for more information.

Is there a way to get internet access on my game system or smart tv?

Yes. If the device has an Ethernet port, it can get Internet access. Click here for more information.

What happens if I change rooms or halls after registering my computer?

Registration ties your computer to a specific jack in your room. Once registered your computer will only work in the registered jack and the jack will only work with your computer. Therefore, before moving, you will need to unregister your computer (in your old room) by going to the "edit port" function and select "remove port." After moving, you will need to register your computer (in your new room) as usual. Both functions can be achieved from the Registration website.

What is the cost to print to the front desk printers?

Residence hall students can print for free, but there is a limit of 350 pages per semester. Each resident receives 350 pages each semester, however pages do not roll over to the next semester. If you have exhausted your print quota, you can purchase more at Hammons 104. Five dollars will give you 100 additional page. Also there is a cap of 25 pages per print job and the print job can't exceed 10 megabytes. More information about the print quota can be found on the print quota page of this site.

Can I use my residence hall's front desk laser printer from my room?

Yes. For information on connecting to the residence hall printers, please consult our connecting to the front desk printer page.

What is a bandwidth quota system?

The bandwidth quota system is a preset limit (in bytes) for downloads and uploads over the internet (but not local content). The limit is more than conducive for normal internet usage and is meant to keep the network functioning at its highest potential throughout the school year. The bandwidth quota operates on a rolling seven day system, meaning that traffic conducted seven days ago drops off at midnight each night. The cap is 200 gigabytes combined upload and download.

Why would I lose my network connection? How do I get it back?

If your use of network resources negatively impacts others, Networking Services may have your network port shut off without prior warning. This may happen for a number of reasons including: virus activity, improperly configured system or program, unusual or disruptive network behavior, or an outside source filing a complaint against your computer. A complaint could have been filed for reasons that include, but are not limited to, copyright infringement with Peer-to-Peer file sharing, port-scanning, and e-mail viruses(for more information regarding copyright complaints, please see our copyright page for more information).

If you lose your connection, please contact ResNet at (417)836-6100 so a technician can guide you through the necessary steps to be restored to the network. Also, if you have lost the ability to connect to the wireless network, you may want to check to see if you've exceeded your bandwidth quota.

Does Missouri State require antivirus software on my computer?

Yes. Automatically updated anti-virus software is required for all computers connected to the residence hall network. ResNet recommends Microsoft Security Essentials. For a link to this and other good, free Anti-Virus software, please go here.

How do I keep my computer virus-free and running smoothly?

  • Enable or install a firewall
  • Run updated Anti-Virus software
  • Keep the Operating System fully patched
  • Run anti-spyware software
  • Use secure passwords
  • Do not open suspicious emails
  • Do not open links in IM programs
  • Disable or disallow file-sharing
Visit our safe computing page for more tips to keep your computer running smoothly and safe.