Configuring MSU Residential on Windows Phone 8

  1. First, unlock your phone
  2. WP8 Start Screen
  3. Swipe to the right to and select settings
  4. WP8 Settings Screen
  5. Tap Wi-Fi on the settings menu
  6. settings menu
  7. Tap MSU Residential from the wi-fi menu. If it doesn't appear, ensure you have wireless turned on and are in an area that has wireless coverage.
  8. select resnet 40
  9. Type in your BearPass Login and password
  10. enter credentials
  11. Tap done. when it asks you if you want to continue connecting, tap yes
  12. tapping done
  13. MSU Residential should show that it has connected
  14. connected to resnet 40
  15. You have successfully connected to wireless!

If you have any difficulties with this tutorial, please feel free to contact either the ResNet Offices (417 836-6100) or the open access computer labs (417 836-4519) for assistance.