Configuring MSU Residential on Chrome OS

While the theme and other UI settings of your distribution of Chrome OS may differ from those picture, the settings will remain the same.

Note: Your computer must have patch 0.12.362.2 or better to connect to our network.

  1. Select the wireless icon in the righthand corner
  2. wireless-resnet40-chrome-1
  3. Choose "MSU Residential" from the list of available networks
  4. wireless-resnet40-chrome-2
  5. When the above window appears, enter the following information:
    • EAP method: PEAP
    • Phase 2 Authentication: Automatic
    • Server CA certificate: Default
    • User Certificate: None
    • Identity: Your Bearpass Login
    • Password: Your Bearpass Password
    • Leave the "Anonymous Identity" field blank.
  6. Once the information has been added, click "connect"
  7. Congratulations! You should now be able to access the Internet

If you have any difficulties with this tutorial, please feel free to contact either the ResNet Offices (417 836-6100) or the open access computer labs (417 836-5891 #4) for assistance.