Wireless Client Setup

Access Points

Note: Connection to each of the wireless networks is based on your Private ID, meaning you can use as many wireless devices as you would like. Students receive wireless access automatically through student fees; Faculty and Staff must first contact Telecommunication Services at (417) 836-4765 to get their account setup for wireless access.

Students in the residence halls will need to configure their devices for the "MSU Residential" access points. Students who have not enrolled in classes or are over the bandwidth quota will be unable to connect to wireless.

MSU / MSU Residential

Our wireless networks offer the highest level of security currently available on the Missouri State campus, and offers support for many hardware and software combinations.

MSU Sponsored - Wireless Access for Visitors

The Guest wireless network is a service of the University designed to provide web access for visitors to our campus. Approved guests of the University can request Guest wireless access by contacting Telecommunications Services at (417) 836-4765.

Coverage Locations

At present, there is complete wireless coverage in the residence halls. See the wireless coverage location page maintained by Networking Services gives details of all Springfield campus access points.


None of the mainstream video game consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are compatible with the Missouri State Network. Though they support many modern wireless standards, they lack 802.1X capabilities and do not support "WPA-Enterprise." This includes the Wii, DS, Playstation 3, PSP, and Xbox 360.