Setting up the front desk printer on Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6

This will guide you through the setup of the front desk printer in your residence hall on a machine running Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6.

  1. Download and Install the HP Printer Drivers from here.
    (Please only click on the link once and wait for the download to finish.)
  2. From the Apple Menu select System Preferences.
  3. Click on Print & Fax.
  4. Click on + to add the printer.
  5. Secondary Click on the Toolbar and select Customize toolbar.
    (Secondary Click : Right-Click or Control+Click)
  6. Drag the Advanced icon to the Toolbar.
  7. Click on Done.
  8. Click on Advanced. (The Advanced screen may take a few minitues to load.)
  9. Set Type to Windows, set Device to Another Device and enter the information that corresponds to your residence hall (loacated below the image).
  10. Residence Hall URL Print Using
    Blair-Shannon smb://sgf/resprint/blairlpr HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603
    Freudenberger smb://sgf/resprint/freddylpr HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603
    Hammons House smb://sgf/resprint/hammonslpr HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603
    Hutchens House smb://sgf/resprint/hutchenslpr HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603
    Kentwood Hall smb://sgf/resprint/kentwoodlpr HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603
    Monroe Apartments smb://sgf/resprint/monroelpr HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603
    Scholars House smb://sgf/resprint/scholarslpr HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603
    Sunvilla Tower smb://sgf/resprint/sunvillalpr HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603
    Wells House smb://sgf/resprint/wellslpr HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603
    Woods House smb://sgf/resprint/woodslpr HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603
  11. Set Print Using to Select a driver to use.
  12. Select the driver for your Residence Hall from the previous table. It will be HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603.
    After you've selected the appropriate driver, click on Add.
  13. If you live in Blair-Shannon, Hammons, Hutchens, Freddy or Wells you may see the following dialog box. Make sure the checkbox for Duplex Unit is checked and then click on OK.
    • Congratulations you can now Print to the Front Desk!
    • When Printing you will be asked for your credentials.
      Enter your BearPass Login and password then click on OK.
      Your printout will be at the Front Desk with a cover page.

If you have any difficulties with this tutorial, please feel free to contact the ResNet Offices (417 836-6100) for assistance.