Sony PS3 Registration and Configuration

If the PS3 is the first device you are registering to a port, you can use the browser built into the PS3 to register at the website Otherwise, the following guide will provide you instructions with obtaining the MAC address of your PS3.

(At this time the PS3 is not compatible with the Missouri State wireless network. While the PS3 does support many modern wireless standards, it lacks 802.1X capabilities and does not support "WPA-Enterprise".)

  1. Go to "Settings" on the Cross Media Bar (XMB) and select "System Settings."
  2. consoles-ps3-02
  3. Scroll down and select "System Information."
  4. consoles-ps3-03
  5. Your MAC Address will be the first item listed.
  6. consoles-ps3-04
  7. Now that you have found your MAC address, you can now register your console.

If you have any difficulties with this tutorial, please feel free to contact the ResNet Offices at 417-836-6100 or email us at